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a one-woman school of anti

whose very austerity periodically threatens to spawn its own cult

9 September
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#famousinasmalltown, academia about genre fiction, almost human, antimilitarism, art museums, cher lloyd, clint/natasha, coding, comic books, convenience stores, crying, cyborgs, elementary, ghosts, hawkeye, hometown loyalty, iron man 3, jason todd, jeff winger's self-hatred, jim/bones, lesbians, lisa simpson, meticulous self-documentation, michael ealy's twitter, monster high dolls, neurology, orphan black, overalls + crop tops, poetry, rule 63, ryan bailey howard, sarah connor, schmidt pronouncing words, schmidt/cece, schmidt/nick, self-portraiture, spencer hastings' mental breakdown, star trek, steve rogers: radical woman, steve/bucky, the 2008 incredible hulk, the office season nine, the terminator franchise, troy/abed/annie, william gibson, x-files, y.a. fiction, young john cusack